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|   2 Basic Rings with one spring louded mechanism ,2500 grams force |   2 TOP Supports for fastening with cord or with elastic straps. |   20 extension rods x 0,8 inches each |   2 silicone hoses, 2 sponges for comfort and 4 catching pieces |   4 SOFT ELASTIC STRAPS with a width of 1 inch for comfort and uniform stress.

Yes, it works!

Yes, they really can work! Study finds non-surgical methods of penis enlargement DO increase length! By Daily Mail Reporter Last updated at 11:17 PM on 19th April 2011 It's the news that thousands of men have, secretly at least, been waiting for! A review of medical literature has revealed that some non-surgical methods to increase penis size do actually work - but some result in disappointment. A study published in the journal of British Association of Urological Surgeons found that traction methods were most

Up to 1 Foot length ! (30 cm )

Extension rods : 18 pieces x 25 mm each. Total length of stretcher + all extension rods= 1 foot max lenght! (30 cm )

True Force for good results

Force of traction applies progressively in the first weeks, applying an elongation force of 500 g, the month that follows 1500 g and then the maximum tension of 2500 g, smoothly adjustable from the 2 screws marked with 3 perpendicular signs, from the base of the extender. Penis enlargement is performed gradually, in time

How does it work?

The penis extender is a non-invasive method for enlarging the penis which functions based on traction, catalyzing the natural ability of the body to..


Why us ?

 Because on the profile market there are tenths of offers with high prices, of hundred of dollars which offer penis enlargement of maximum 9-10 inches and very few parts,  we have decided that we have to offer clients a better and cheaper version so as to accomplish every man’s dream: fast penis increase at an accessible, realist price.

 Are you tired of paying extra for extension screws?      

While other companies levy extra money for each additional extension screw, we offer you a Bigger offer of 16 pieces x 25mm each and 2 rods x10 mm each), with a total length of 1Foot ( 12 inches), at a price which is lower than other 9 inch length extender offers!

Are you tired of being offered only one system for fastening the glans of the penis? Are you tired of choosing which system for fastening the penis in the extender is better for you? Are you tired of paying extra for each more screw and every option?

 All companies offer optionally the silicone hose fastening system or, for extra money they also offer the fastening method with rubber straps. Any optional equipment takes money out of your pocket.

We also offer you both fastening systems, with silicone tube and elastic straps, in the same package and FREE OF CHARGE!

No extra money for options, you have everything from the beginning, for the same low and accessible price. 

Why do we offer so many wonderful options, while others ask high prices for each and every one?

 Because it is time that any man who wishes to enlarge its penis accomplished this dream; dream which will come true!

Not only the rich have the right to be able to enlarge their penis, for any man on the planet this should be affordable.

The penis enlargement extender is now available for all categories of men, the financial level is no longer a barrier in the purchase of this product, desire and perseverance are enough for achieving the proposed aim.

 Experts who contributed to the design and general development of the  penis extender in the world:

Doctor Dana Nelson
Dr. Dana Nelson 

• Registered Compound Pharmacologist ,in California.
• Owner, Pharmacy
Overview: Dr. Nelson is of the highest education in the science of dispersing medicine, with legal right to design and develop new medicines for application. Over 30 years of practice, and a member of the American Pharmaceutical Association. Directive: Ancillary product development, formulated for penile health and development.

Doctor Mariano Rossello

Dr. Mariano Rosselló

• Phalloplasty Surgeon, Inventor and Author
• Member of 11 Urology Associations from American to Europe
Overview: Inventor of two FDA & CE approved medical devices for erectile dysfunction and phalloplasty surgery, Dr. Rossello has over 40 years of experience in urology. Founding member of the Spanish Urology Association and ASESA.

Dr. Steven Lamm
Dr. Steven Lamm

• Physician, Author of best selling book The Hardness Factor
• Resident Physician on the ABC television show The View
Overview: Lamm has appeared on television shows such as Oprah, The View and Lifetime Today, where he addresses health and medical topics. Active in clinical research, investigator for sexual medicine studies, lecturer and educator of doctors.  Directive: Mainstream marketing with focus on research, testing, education & sexual health

Dr. Ghali Fouad

• Dr. Ghali Fouad, President, Rejuvenation & Longevity Medical Clinic
• Instrumental in the development of Global Cardio Care, Inc.
Overview: With 41 years of medical practice, he is a specialist in longevity medicine in hopes of guiding individuals to live "younger, longer." Member of the American Board of Anti-Aging Medicine, lecturer, advisor, and university professor.
Directive: Consults on the issues of longevity, andropause, and overall male sexual health.

 In what follows, we present the way in which the penis extender functions, its parts and assembly modality: 

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FAQ about penis enlargement extenders

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FAQ about penis enlargement extenders 1)      What is the minimum penis size necessary for using this extender? R: - The  penis extender is designed so as to be used even for the smallest penises (below 3 inches in limp state) by removing all screws, but also adapts perfectly for those of more than  8-10 inches (limp state) by adding screws. Irrespective of your size, the penis extender suits you....

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